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Sunday, December 18, 2005


After reviewing several examples I created, votes finally came back. So decision has been made. Our new colour shall be bordo-red, or #330000, named after beautifull red marble from Turkey. And the colour of the main text will be gold, or #FFFF99. This combination does look very nice. It can be seen here.
With that done, I started exploring how to improve ranking of the site on Google. I must admit that it's a painfully slow job. Our main site can already be found on other search engines like ExactSeek, Yahoo, Excite and many others, but Google just doesn't show it.
Beside that there is possibility to make some money, although we are nonprofitable organization. But at least we can earn to cover our expenses. I must talk with the executives about placing AdWords on our site. First we must check for legal obligations and rights, if we are alowed to place commercials.


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