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Monday, April 03, 2006

How to make money with Google Adsense?

This vikend I spent studying Jonh Reeses report and texts from Joe Comm. Both men are experts im making money on internet. They really make HUGE money. If I manage to get few % of what they are making I will jump to the roof.
The main question that everybody is asking is „How to make money with Google Adsense?“

When you search for any sort of help with that, you find numerous links where people promiss you success, huge money, exponential income, viral growth and similar stuff if you just pay small sum of 49,99$. That is bunch of crap! And very liquid crap. They are earning money from those people who buy those ebooks. But very few of those ebooks really tell you anything directly. Internet gurus which realized how to make money with Google Adsense became greedy and sell you their advices how to do it your self. But those advices are perfect example of famous „soft skill“. That is sort of communication used by lawyers, marketing experts, psychologist and telecommunication experts to sell you bunch of crap. You really believe them that you bought valuable material, but you'll get nothing really. Unless you are expert yourself, so you manage to read between the lines.
By spending hours and hours reading those numerous reports I understood one thing. Most of those guys don't really want you in their playground. They figured out how to make money on the internet, and they don't want you to take it away from them. They do give advices how to make money but you must start from zero, like they did.
But there is hope in this. Not everybody are telling you crap, some guys are really trying to tell how it works. And what you must do, up to the details but unfortunately many people just don't get it. Here is where I collected those advices that works and tell you what to do: How to earn money with Google Adsense?
Whenever I figure out something new I will write down there, and I'll put links to other sites with some actual information about earning money on internet. You can always send me a mail about what you think about those advices. But you must realize something: even on the internet things don't happen overnight. Search engines need time to index all the changes you made on your sites following those real advices.
I also studied a little those pixel advertisers. They sell you pixels on their sites to put you ad there. I think they are expensive. Why would I pay several dollars for a very small ad? And earn money doing almost nothing. Here I found site where I can place my link for free. Just my link takes a loto of pixels, and I don't pay anything, really. The site is ugly, but it is functional, and obviously new. There aren't many links there. But because it cost you nothing I don't see an reason that couldn't be succsessful. Here.


At Sun Sep 03, 02:08:00 PM 2006 , Blogger Administrator said...

Hi Tambura. John Reese is a great internet Marketer, and he reallyknows what he is doing.

You can have free (only 2 days left) adsense templates here:

Cody Moya's Adsense Templates

Thanks for the tip.


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