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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

National goulash (Croatian specialty)

Beef neck
100g of smoked bacon
3-4 big onions
Salt & pepper

Wash the beef meat and cut it to small squares. Smoked bacon must also be sliced into small squares. Put bacon and onion (sliced into tiny pieces) into a pot and start stewing. When onion becomes almost transparent throw the meat in. Add salt and pepper, cover it and let it stew slowly on the light fire. Rolling over the meat is required all the time. Otherwise meat will burn, and you can throw the meal away. When the sauce becomes darker add water enough to cover all the meat at least twice. If there is not enough water you can add it later, but don't overdo it. Add potato cut into small parts and cook it on the stronger fire. If potato is cooked, then it is all over. You can serve it with potato in or you can take it out.

If you plan to leave this food till tomorrow remove all of the potato immediately because it will spoil the goulash very quickly.


At Sun Dec 07, 04:48:00 PM 2008 , Blogger mcp said...

No paprika or pimento? The broth in the photo looks pink, which would suggest paprika.


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