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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Miserable thoughts

Do you have feeling sometimes… I mean do you have moments you don't feel anything? Absolutely anything? I can't realize why is that happening to me. Finally I have almost everything I ever wanted, in the terms of normal life, but now I feel nothing. I’m not even bored. I love this bar on top of the blog so I can just click NEXT BLOG. Until few minutes ago, I was reading random blogs and there are all sorts of them. I don't have desire to read about something specific because then I would go to a specific sites, but here, on blogs, you can see random thoughts of the people. People write things here they wouldn't normally write anywhere else, because they are anonymous here. Here is one very stupid blog I stumbled upon, create email address, but it is efficient in search engines.
Last weekend I spent in Austria. We were guests in 35th anniversary celebration of one orchestra. We played and singed, but most of the time we were drinking. Here is more about it>>>>
This few days after I was working on my other site, and I would probably need several months to get it done. I must write hundreds of pages of text, and for that I need time. But I can't just copy it from somewhere, but I must write my own texts.
Even after realizing that I'm killing myself with work, because I'm constantly working on something, I do not stop. Some friend told me that I need to find somebody and tried to hook me up with some woman. Well she is nice but to hysteric. She gets mad on some things nobody else is mad at.
But at last I know one thing; I won't be bored next week. My „vacation" will be over and I'll be at work again. And there I would have to fight lots of rumors. Why? We get a new member in our team. Very beautiful blond woman. As I was leading that team most of new members were women. So some of them accused me of that fact that I'm choosing only women. But the fact is that women are just better in communicating with customers, especially if the customers are males so I wanted my team to be real good and I chose the best female agents I could get. Now those women know I like the new one, even though I really haven't got anything to do with her coming into the team.
Well, we shall see...


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