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Friday, March 17, 2006

Here came the visitors

Can you believe that this site had 83 visitors in 2 months, and then more than 200 hundred in one day! First I haven't believed it. How did I do that?
All around the web there are traffic exchange programs. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC GENERATING SCRIPTS. I HATE THOSE. But real programs where real flesh and blood people sit behind their screens and surf around. Some people call that programs "PAID FOR SURF" probably because you really can be payed for surfing.
Well I tried, and it works. You have a choice to get paid for your time on internet or you can use earned credits to show other people your own site. There are lots of people who need you to visit their site, probably like you do also. And they are willing to look at you site if you look at theirs. That's why it is called Traffic Exchange. But there is more to it. Some of those sites are commercial sites, and they pay you to see the commercials on them. Now you will say: I hate commercials, I don't wont to see them! But think about this: How much time do you spend n uselles surfing? And you doesn't see any relevant information. That time you can use to get paid! Use that time to surf on those paid sites, and earn some money!

Or popularity for your own site!

You can start with these:

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Long time no see

It has passed two months, no writtings. Most of the site has been finished, in Croatian of course. One part is stll missing so I cannot start translating the entire site. And that is the most important part, about tambura. Well at least, tforum is up and running. I thought, what a better way to promote a site than a forum about everything.

Well I'm still waiting a text about tambura from our maestro. When it is done, everything will be sent to a translator.