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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Something lost...

Do you have feeling sometimes there is something missing in your life? Something you can't even name? I have that feeling for long time now. After years of financial struggling life finally turned somewhat OK, but I don't really feel much better. I bought a car, I have steady job, which is luxury in my country, new mountain bike, good computer, full flat of electronics like cell phones, TVs, DVDs,... I mean all that expensive crap I dreamed of when I didn't have money. But whatever I do something is still missing. And that hole is starting to ache.
Sometimes when I'm not working or playing on my instrument, I think, flipping the pages of my memories trying to find out what is missing. Beside financial problems I can't say that I had troubled life except by being surrounded by the kids with lot more money but and I wasn't very big or strong so at beginning I haven't been a hunk. But I can't complaint also, because I have had my share of adventures somewhat later, so I even surpassed them. But all that seems somewhat empty and pointless. I feel almost saturated with emptiness.
I have thought it over and over again ad the only thing that filled that emptiness for a brief moment, was memory of one specific person. No relationship has ever made such impact as she did. But I'm still not sure. We broke up, long time ago. She have her life, I have my own... But I admit I miss her... no one after her have managed to fill me, to make me feel whole...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New project

What the heck is going on? I mean this blog is getting more hits form keyword TAMBURA then my main site about that subject. This blog was not made for real and exact information about tambura but still it gets hits from people searching for that word than the site created specifically for tambura. That tells me that search engine work in pretty strange way.
Well I gave up on chasing search engines and adapting site to millions advices that can be found on the net. I created a site and now I only mantain it to work properly. And I also learned that Google Adsense does not allow usage of traffic exchange programs. They consider it as fraud on their customers.
I started another project, a private one. When I was searching which niche to use on my site I just couldn't decide for a long time. Then I decided to write about thing I love and care for. And I know something about it. Cats and dogs are my online project. To be more precise, crucial information about all official breeds and image exchange platform. Lots of people have photos of their pets, and they are marvelous. So why wouldn't they show their pets to the world. Not many people have time, knowledge or will to mantain web site for a few photos. That is why I decided to enable them that. They send me photos and I put them on the site so everybody can enjoy them.
The adress is